hand-drawn animation

Dancing Master – 11SC Production

On the first day of each month, I go into a subdued state of anxiety because that’s when the 11 Second Club releases a new audio clip.

A handful of “throw-away” concepts hit me in the first hour or two, usually of the cliched variety, and then I spend the next 7-10 days in mental anguish as the audio bangs around in my head and I realize time is swiftly vanishing and all I have is a blank page.

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Diss the Frog – Production

I had committed to this frog and princess concept early on, but wasn’t sure if I’d animate in 3d or 2d. I didn’t have a rigged 3d frog model, nor had I ever hand-drawn one. So really, the odds were stacked against me and I spent, as is my habit, the first 7 days of the month in pre-production, plus an extra 6 days of procrastination (also habit) just trying to figure it all out.

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