Wooden Update for 2016 – WPJ #28

Been a while since I’ve posted an update to the Wooden Production Journal. Sorry about that. There have been times, recently, where I’ve pondered the sanity of it all.  The previous attempts to tell this story, I can honestly say, I wasn’t ready. My puppets were rudimentary and limited in both movement and expression. That’s how I built them, without knowing any better. So I shut the project down to regroup.  Then tried again.  But not really.  So it shut down again.
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Clownsmanship – Aug 2015 Final

138 entries for August. While I was hoping for a better ranking, I can’t be too dismissive of 29th place. My animation was far from perfect and honestly, my focus should not be on “winning”, but on doing the work and adding to my portfolio.

The beauty of the 11SecondClub is that I’m provided with a snippet of audio and a deadline. At the end of the month, I have another animation on my YouTube page that I wouldn’t have had otherwise! That’s pretty great.

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