Wooden Production Journal

my animation project currently in production

Mr. Collinsworth – WPJ #29

As has been detailed previously, ALL of my characters for this animation project were based on the same head mesh, which resulted in four characters looking rather familiar to each other. Not much variation was applied. In some cases, when designing characters, I think it’s okay to have resemblances. Afterall, every human shares the same facial structure.

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Wooden Update for 2016 – WPJ #28

Been a while since I’ve posted an update to the Wooden Production Journal. Sorry about that. There have been times, recently, where I’ve pondered the sanity of it all.  The previous attempts to tell this story, I can honestly say, I wasn’t ready. My puppets were rudimentary and limited in both movement and expression. That’s how I built them, without knowing any better. So I shut the project down to regroup.  Then tried again.  But not really.  So it shut down again.
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Wooden Production Journal #27

“The knife slid warmly with the fine, light grain. Mr. Stockpot held the block of summer linden firmly in his gloved left hand and drew the blade across the groove once again, peeling away a thin layer that circled over itself before breaking free and softly dropping to the floor where hundreds of similar clippings greeted it.”

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Once Upon a Time in the West – Shot Analysis

August was especially unkind to the Wooden project. Almost viciously so. Yes, I’m blaming all of my problems on August. To think I was going to name my first born child “August”… wow, what a dummy I would have been.

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Wooden Production Journal #24

Even though deadlines are approaching, I can’t be stopped from buying and playing video games. I WON’T be stopped!! 😉 Batman: Arkham City is incredible fun, and I just picked up the Uncharted Dual Pack with game 1 and 2. So far, I’m enjoying the adventure. And what of the “Wooden” animation? Oh yeah.. that. 😉

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