Danny Kneip on Instagram

Yeah, that’s me!  Danny Kneip.  I’m on Instagram.  Woohoo!  As of this writing, I have 22 followers, and that number is unacceptable!  I should at least have 25!  It’s my fault though because I’m new to that platform.

So my commitment for June is to build that number.

1000 is very lofty.  I think maybe 100 by the end of the month?  That’s a lot of strangers wanting to see more of my work.  I’m not holding my breath!

I see artists posting images stating “Thank you 1000 followers!” and it puts into perspective how far I have to go to build a fan base.  And it means flooding social media with the same art work on every social media website.

Speaking of which:


This is an oldie but goodie – from a sketch I’ve previously posted on catheads.net and since decided to render and add to my collection on Instagram.  I think I’ll have to post one thing everyday for a full month.  And maybe two things a day in a worst-case scenario.

I really loved painting the iris for Mary Bunny.  Really a quick and easy process.


Here is the iris technique again on “The Yelling Man”.  I’m not sure it’s appropriate for that face, but I did it anyway.  My line work needs improving as does my shading, but this is a decent start.


Anyway, I look forward to creating more of these, with different coloring styles, and posting them regularly through June.  Feel free to join me!