11SC – Final – May 2016

Wow, that was a lot of work!!   I spent the entirety of the Memorial Day weekend animating and coloring.  No barbecues or picnics with family/friends.  Just work.  Work work work work work!!

Premise: A hula teacher waits for someone, ANYONE, to walk by for a free hula dance lesson!


This animation has a little bit of everything, I suppose, from a walk-cycle to hand-drawn cloth simulation.  There’s lip-sync, moving sand, a bit of action and a vanilla ice cream cone!


I really love audio clips like this one because the voices lend themselves to such wild expressions and that makes it fun to create.  I never felt dread when thinking of sitting down to animate, as I’ve done on previous projects, and I hope an audience can sense that.

If you’re keeping track of the 11 Second Club ranking and comments for this animation, you’ll have to wait because voting ends around the 5th of June.  And therefore, the below section is for future use.


  • funny!
  • Hello there. Hope that my advice can be of help.
    Some of their animations are stiff. One pose around 135, for example, showcasing some overlap in the arms would help the torch jabbing down connect, rather than simply contact to contact.
    In addition, I find the boy uninteresting. He has very limited motions and I don’t understand his facial expressions. He looks completely disinterested in the shot featuring “Who are you?” Why would he ask that if he had no care? He also lacks any reaction to the teacher’s strip.
    Overall, I enjoyed watching this. Keep up the work.
  • Nice I love the idea. good stuff.
  • A great work dannykneip …imao you do better in 2d than 3d …..At the beginning would be nice the cloths move on the Master (too still) also after doing all moves & poses you could go to more details. Hair this shape you did on both character just asking for follow through & overlapping actions …cheers
    Ps. I only can assume you know that but you have no time for it .
  • Run, boy, run!
  • Nice.
  • Finally a gag that worked! Props for making me laugh!
  • This is great! I I love the character designs and your idea for setting. I like your facial expressions and the sand secondary animation.

I agree with the critical analysis within the comments regarding follow through and overlap.


My animation finished in 20th place out of 205 entries.  There were some truly great works ahead of mine, and also really strong animations ranked behind.  It’s the nature of the beast.


Finally, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!  Thanks for watching!