11SC – May 2016 – Update

Great progress has been made so far on this animation, and with less than 8 days to go, I’m confident I’ll hit my self-imposed deadlines.

(this post was back-dated for my convenience and your confusion)

When I’m committed to a project for the month, I cut out my exercise, which equates to playing basketball for 3 hours, one day a week. Playing pick-up games serves as both a rigorous workout and a free chiropractic adjustment. But my recovery time is dreadful and I’m always worthless for the next several days. So I skipped playing.

On Sunday afternoon, after having been sat at my desk for far too long already, and with my body aching for movement, I made the choice to have a stroll through a section of Back Bay with my friend.

I snapped a few photos and got a little sun, saw a couple critters and had a nice walk, overall.
back bay newport beach

But my mind, which was churning like an upset stomach, swirled with doubt, anxiety and guilt for my poor time management skills. I really believed I could divorce myself from my animation and “be one” with nature for an hour or two.

I have a character in this piece taking a step, not unlike the lunge I’ve done in a previous contest, (May 2015), which was done with an “Igor” type of fellow.


This time, however, I’m aiming to try animating cloth, and creating smoother body movements so it’s not just a lunge, but a bound, as in: “the gazelle bounded over the dewed grasslands of North Dakota.”


It’s a complicated move and taking more time than I have. It’s not even part of the gag, which occurs at the end, and which I’ve yet to animate. But the lip sync is showing promise and I’m pleased with the overall blocking and character designs.

A great lip-sync technique is to pick certain words in the audio to expand the face, and certain words to collapse it.  In the below example, I’ve chosen to accentuate “tomorrow” and “mid-day”.  This adds a lot of variety to the face, especially the jowls.