Dancing Master – 11SC Production

On the first day of each month, I go into a subdued state of anxiety because that’s when the 11 Second Club releases a new audio clip.

A handful of “throw-away” concepts hit me in the first hour or two, usually of the cliched variety, and then I spend the next 7-10 days in mental anguish as the audio bangs around in my head and I realize time is swiftly vanishing and all I have is a blank page.


The clip is strange, of accented characters and not dialogue heavy, which I love because there’s more to animation than just good lip-sync.

Last November 2015, a similar audio file was released in celebration of the new Star Wars Force Awakens movie. It featured Yoda and Luke, where Luke says he’s not afraid and he won’t fail and yadda yadda yadda and Yoda basically predicts that Luke will be shitting his pants by lunch time.

I never completed an animation for that month, and I regret my decision to bow out. My concept had a Mother and Son on an amusement park ride – the kind that shoots you straight up into the air, holds you suspended for a lifetime before dropping in free-fall.


At the start of the clip, Mother lovingly holds out a vomit bag and Son forcefully declines, stating he’s not afraid (above).  Mother says, “You will be.  You WILL be!” (below).


I forget why I never followed through on the animation.  I’m sure there was a really good reason.  :-/

But I love the look of that Mother character so I thought I’d showcase her again for this month.  Though the first voice is clearly a male speaker, I think it could pass for a woman.  A heavy smoker, perhaps?  And I’m giving him/her a cape for absolutely no reason, other than to complicate the animation process.


I think my concept is a good one this month, but as referenced at the start of this post, my anxiety often cripples me creatively, leaving me grasping for technique and confidence, especially when I haven’t done any animating in months.

But time and stress have a way of pushing me harder, making me focused and stronger, so I’m hoping by May 30th, with your warm thoughts and well wishes, I’ll be snug as a bug back in the saddle and presenting another animation to the world.

If you are accepting the challenge for this month, best of luck!