3MST – Journal #4

I find it really difficult and tedious updating this journal because even though I may spend countless hours tweaking this or nudging that, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to see how much work I’ve actually done.  Suffice to say, I think I’m done modeling and rigging the two main characters (although, one is never TRULY done).

Creating the body for “The Gentleman” was the final step before plopping in an armature and fastening everything together.

My first concept was pretty standard, obvious stuff.  Interesting, in general, but not very cartoonish, nor complementary of the female’s body.  I think it’s good, and it would work, but it wasn’t enough.




So, when in a creative funk, naturally, I turn to Snapchat and start taking pictures of Possum.

I think she turns 8 in May.  That’s hard to believe.  And it means my other cat, Chief Brody, is 10.

He doesn’t like having his picture taken.  I wonder why?

So, back to work – – the best way to figure something out, at least for me, is to pick up a pencil and start sketching out shapes until something good happens.  In terms of rethinking the Gentleman’s body, this seemed about right.


The female has super high heels, which makes her nearly eye-to-eye with the male.  I’m not sure I like that, but I couldn’t shrink her down so I had to stretch him out.  The result is a massive torso and skinny (almost stubby) legs.  The style amuses me and I sure hope these bodies animate nicely without breaking or creating other issues.


The next step is to create facial expressions so I can start lip-syncing and animating.  Then I have to go back and create two more characters – the narrators.  And finally, at the end of the story, the butler makes a brief appearance, and he too will have to be created.

Assuming I can get out of this month with the modeling, texturing and corrections made to these two characters, I think I’ll be on track to hit a September 1st deadline with a completed animation.