3MST – Journal #2

The Gentleman has been a royal pain in the ass, to be honest with you. I had some good concept drawings, but the sculpted versions, while interesting, were constantly deviating from my planned design – mostly to avoid replicating Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr.


My attempts were many.  Failures, all.  Each sculpt was morphing into a waste of time, and strangely, I was in control of the mouse.  Everything I created was wrong, and I knew it. So I’d stop and try again.  And again, be wrong.  Almost willfully.  (More on the psychology of it all in another post.)

But last Sunday, I finally saw a little stream of sunlight break through the clouds as I started from scratch yet again.  Making great caricatures, and I’m still learning this process, means wildly accentuating a few specific and recognizable features of a given subject.  Drawing that is one thing, but sculpting it in 3D space is something quite different.

For “The Gentleman”, I went with big chin/jaw and small crown – reminiscent of Mr. Incredible, but hopefully, a stand-alone.


Overall, the final design complements “Lady Lovebird” and I’m pretty happy with the results thus far.  He’s created, at least.  Now I need to decorate him with hair, figure out the eyebrows, build the body, and make him talk and move.

If you’re at all interested in watching a timelapse video of the creation of “The Gentleman”, and I was hoping you would be, I’ve created one and it’s ready to be enjoyed!  Thanks for your time.