3MST – Journal #1

This is Entry #1 in my Production Journal for the “Three Minute Strange Theatre” animation project.  Or PJ3MSTAP.

Three Minute Strange Theatre is a concept I created in 1995 for a series of short and strange stories hosted by a pair of nitwits. Think of “Twilight Zone” or “Amazing Stories” in terms of structure. I wrote two scripts but only filmed one. And that one pretty much sealed the end of Three Minute Strange Theatre. 🙂

And then, late last year, I discovered something: The Suzanne Awards.

Ever since the second Blender Conference in 2003, the Suzanne Awards are given to artists using Blender to realize outstanding artwork.

Ok, I’m a little worried about the whole “outstanding” part. 😉

The 5 most voted submissions on each category get nominated. These nominations will be screened at the Conference during the Animation Festival. Conference attendees will vote, and the winners will be announced at the Suzanne Awards ceremony.

Categories, at least for 2015, include “Character Animation, Design and Short Film”.

I’m assuming the Suzanne Awards will be handed out again in 2016 and for that reason, I am preparing to resurrect 3MST by retelling the original story in animated form, which means the creation of 4 main characters who, depending on their role, will talk, drink, choke, die, laugh and create general hysteria. This animation will depend on the original voices and require a new musical score. I have a trick up my sleeve regarding the hosts – more on that later.

Again, this is just a concept, but if I can get out of February with two characters modeled, I will be in a very good place. The following time lapse shows portions of the head sculpt and re-topology based on hand-drawn designs.

Sculpting in Blender really creates quite an exciting opportunity to explore a face or a thing without limits or worries and I’m loving the process of bringing a style to life in this way.

This concludes entry #1 in my production journal.