Leprechaun Door Thingy

Chopping a leprechaun into pieces and hanging it on my front door was not exactly what I had planned for this weekend, but, aside from all the sawdust I inhaled, methinks it turned out really well!

My neighbors hung a plain, wooden shamrock on their door at the start of February. I’ve never really been one to decorate the outside of my house with anything other than Christmas decorations and the American flag, on appropriate days. But their shamrock really looked nice and it got me thinking about starting a new craft project.

So with St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I drew inspiration from that three leaf clover and started doodling leprechaun designs until something clicked.


I really wanted something silly hanging on my door.. something that might make my neighbors giggle, or second guess living next to me.  The design was recreated on a thin piece of plywood.


The cut-out was rather tricky because of the sharp angles and because I don’t have a proper workstation in the garage.  My Dremel, some sandpaper and a few carving tools got me through the day and really allowed me to be true to my hand-drawn design.

And then the fun part – painting!


And now this hangs on my door for March.


You’re wondering about his arms, I know.  Maybe next year.  Happy early St. Patrick’s Day!