11SC – February 2016 – Production

I wasn’t going to enter this month. Too much other shit to do. But look, I love animating and drawing and creating stories. And I love pursuing my passion. Time is finite, friends. The opportunity is right now! Get out of your own way and chase that dream!!

Now that the pep talk is out of the way, let me proceed to depress you. 🙁

I’ve literally JUST decided to enter the contest. I mean, just on this previous Friday. So I’m VERY behind the 8 ball.  About 11 days left this month.

But the audio for February is so delicious and upbeat and provides the chance to push my character expressions that I really can’t resist participating.

So, I’m keeping this super simple. No gimmick or funny business. Just two characters sitting at the bar in a small diner having a chat. Maybe an old codger sits between them cuddling a beer. Or a monkey. Okay, maybe there will be a gimmick. I’m making this up as I go along.

Here’s my lip sync progress:

Lots of issues and little time to work them out, but it’s a decent foundation and I look forward to spending the next week working the eyes, polishing the expressions and body language and maybe refining the concept. The lip sync can be tighter, too.

My intention here is to simply submit something without worrying about the ranking. Honestly, the work is reward enough.