20 Drawing Prompts – February 2016

The most important thing, relatively speaking of course, is that you draw. I can help you with this. I present to you another list of 20 Drawing Prompts for your enjoyment. They are perhaps a little “off their rocker”, but nevermind that. These are designed to inspire and ignite creativity.


If you are struggling to find something to draw, I hereby invite you to digest these prompts, grab your pen and paper and get to work! Remember: searching for references while completing drawing prompts is a TERRIBLE idea!! Use your imagination and memory. You will actually condition your brain to see references through memory, and potentially reimagine them in your own style.

Enough babbling!  On to business –

  1. Two elves giving Santa a boost up onto the chimney.
  2. A way-too-elaborate cat condo that might even intimidate your cat.
  3. A pirate captain with two peg legs, one eye patched and a hook on one hand. And a parrot on his shoulder isn’t doing much better!
  4. A male robot searches for the port on a female robot to plug into.
  5. Bacon and sunny-side up eggs on a plate.
  6. Happy dog with his head out the car window.
  7. Looking at three IRS Auditors through the front door peep hole.
  8. Coffee cup that says “World’s Greatest Coffee Cup!”
  9. A caravan of settlers, riding horses and covered wagons, moves slowly through the snow-covered basin of the Sierra Nevada.
  10. Grandma loves to wear her Daisy Dukes.
  11. A T-Rex running in the Boston Marathon.
  12. A peanut riding on the back of a black beetle.
  13. Employee group photo-shoot at the fitness gym called “Time to Lose”.
  14. If your pet was arrested and charged for murder, what would the mugshot look like? (front and profile)
  15. Boxing Match: Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln vs. Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster.
  16. A clipping of basil (or your favorite herb) is rooting in a cup of water.
  17. A politician (of your choice) poses with the devil and a few gargoyles in their natural setting.
  18. Shooting range for Cupid.
  19. The Crocodile and Captain Hook exchange Valentine’s candies, cards and balloons.
  20. Amid a bustling sidewalk of  shoppers and tourists, a man stands quietly holding an orange bucket.