From Sick to Sculpt

Not long ago, I was bragging about having not been sick in over three years.  I credit a healthy lifestyle, diet and avoiding people, in general, for my success.   But last Monday, I suppose it was inevitable, I was struck hard by the flu and it damned near tried to nail me right into my coffin!

I’m better now, but my scheduled blog for this week has been completely derailed by the sickness. A pity too, because I was looking forward to making it – a video blog about my attempts to win past 11SecondClub challenges (this includes only the months I had a concept but never submitted anything).

So instead of that, I’m posting a few of my sculpts, which I’ve been doing in Blender. Nothing much, but it maintains my momentum of posting original content on a weekly basis, and challenging myself to stay in a creative mindset.