11SecondClub – Sept 2015 Concept

To be honest, I have a bad feeling about this one. The audio is fun, but my concept is a little out there and the more I sit with it, after having already committed, the more worried I become.

And here’s why.

With a 15 second piece of audio from the film “Back to the Future”, one automatically thinks the concept should involve a vehicle or gas-powered mechanical thing. But not me.


Marty’s first line is: “This is, ah, this is heavy duty, Doc.”

The conversation proceeds to discuss, in the actual film, how the time-traveling car is powered – whether by regular unleaded gasoline or Plutonium. Most concepts undoubtedly will feature spaceships or futuristic cars. I’ve even seen a WIP with a horse!

I never thought the “what” was the critical element here, but rather, the “who”. Doc, played by Christopher Lloyd, is the inventor of the time-traveling DeLorean. “Doc” is also a gunfighter and buddy to Wyatt Earp.


My childhood was filled with Disney albums, movies and magic. So the most important “Doc” in my life growing up was from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. I devised my concept like a drawing prompt.


Two of the seven dwarfs are having a conversation about how a thing is powered.

It was fairly obvious to me, knowing everyone else and their dog was going to animate a vehicle of some sort, that I should be completely original and attempt to breed some of my favorite Disney films.

Really, none better than Pinocchio. Whittled with love and powered by string, this little wooden puppet-boy can only truly come to life with a wish.

And not gasoline. Nor nuclear power. :/

Dwarfs don’t know this. They’re pretty stupid, afterall.

So these Dwarfs have Pinocchio in their workshop, with his head sawed open just like Anthony Hopkins did to Ray Liotta in the film “Hannibal”. Except, there are no brains in Pinocchio’s head. Just empty space, where, if you were a dwarf, you might pour some fuel.

I had to build this from scratch.

Pinocchio in blender

Lastly, I would LOVE to cut to a shot of Jiminy Crickets standing in a window rolling his eyes and thinking, “What the fuck are you idiots doing?!!”

You can see now why I’m worried about my entry for September. The concept is original and slightly twisted (been watching too much “American Horror Story”, if that’s possible). I concede that I’ll probably rank somewhere in the top 100.

But honestly, the big challenge for me is how to bring this concept to life. Everything has to be created and then animated. I’m looking forward to doing things with Blender that I’ve never done before (linking vs. appending objects), animating beards on previously rigged characters, and creating believable sets and props, as I want the best render possible. Not to mention transforming Robin into 7 unique dwarfs.

If you’re still with me, please hold on tight! It’s going to be a very bumpy ride.