11 Second Club – August 2015 WIP

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Sister! Pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog (and believe me, I don’t blame her), so I also sent her a Snapchat. đŸ˜‰

I’ve just been clowning around with this concept for the 11 Second Club Challenge for August and having a mostly good time with it. Over the previous two months, my energy has been lacking. I’ve been doing some minor remodeling of characters and a bit of sculpting, but otherwise, creatively-speaking, I’ve been laying low and refueling. For this:

Clown Robin

Honestly, I feel a little empty when I’m not involved in a project like the 11 Second Club. Kinda like a fish out of water. Just mindlessly roasting in the sun waiting for a kind foot to kick me, or a friendly rogue wave to pull me, back in.

Well, high tide hath cometh, friends! We settin’ sail for the circus with this month’s 11 Second Challenge. I’ve an idea (which I haven’t observed yet in the WIP Forums) of two clowns having a conversation either mid-routine or just in general.


My first concept for this dialogue was of a high-strung, very controlling and tidy gentleman feeding his dog, which is treated like a baby (sitting in a stroller wearing a hand-knitted outfit and being spoon fed his dinner).

I was going to hand draw this but I honestly believed I’d run out of time.

So onto Blender.


I wasn’t seeing the vision at first. My rig dressed as a clown. Seems stupid. But when I started adding accessories (nose, hat, shoes, makeup) it all came together. The rig is actually perfect.


I made the hair with some metaballs (Shift + A > Metaballs) by duplicating, moving and scaling them around the head. Convert them all to one mesh and bingo! Cartoon clown hair!


There is some tweaking to be done of the mesh when he’s in an extreme pose and facing the camera, but this is relatively minor. And I have to finish his makeup, maybe give him an outfit and then do it all over again for the other character.

Anyway, I think it’s an original concept and though it won’t win any awards, it’s been a lot of fun pushing this character and working in 3D space again.

If you are competing this month, or thinking of entering the challenge, or if it’s your birthday, I wish you the very best!