20 Drawing Prompts – April 2014

Honestly, these 20 drawing prompts were harder to write than the last 3 sets. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe the stress of death and taxes has weighed me down. So much pressure.

Not that you care. You’re just here for the drawing prompts. You are so SELFISH!! 😉

Anyway, as always, I thank you for visiting and I hope this list of 20 will inspire your
next great work of art!


Drawing Prompts

20 Drawing Prompts for April

  1. Draw yourself as a child posing with your favorite Disney character.
  2. The Three Little Pigs change a light bulb.
  3. Blind Farmer milking what he thinks is a cow, but isn’t!
  4. A baseball pitcher’s release / follow through on a knuckleball
  5. Apples playing jump rope or doing yoga. Your choice. 🙂
  6. Vanna White waiting to turn over letters on a puzzle themed “Gangsta Phrases”.
  7. Mary orders the Venti Grande Maximus Mocha Latte and it takes 5 barristas and a ladder to put it together.
  8. All Aboard Captain Morgan’s sailboat!
  9. Kitty having a bubble bath. Literally. In the tub, rubber ducky, bubbles, the whole nine yards.
  10. Michael Jackson and the Easter Bunny prancing through the tulips.
  11. Underwater, a school of fish hurries by, but one stands out from the rest.
  12. An old woman points at something. Drawn from at least 4 different angles. Focus on the gesture, not the thing.
  13. The skyline of a small town built at the top of a cliff.
  14. A man sitting at the bar with two sock puppets
  15. Mary loves her new sun dress and poses between two full length mirrors.
  16. The Wicked Witch of the West and some monkeys make a pizza!
  17. A step-by-step sequence of a single match self-igniting.
  18. People, of all shapes and sizes, standing in line outside the Candy Factory.
  19. A 200 year old rabbit painting intricate designs on a hard-boiled egg.
  20. Draw yourself as a 90 year old posing with your favorite Disney villain.


Here’s a small gallery of some of my personal scribbles this month.