20 Drawing Prompts – January 2014

For the third straight month, I’m opening my brain and letting you, yes, YOU!, John Q Public, come on in and steal some of my best, well.. some of my ideas. 😉 It’s a fire sale and as Steely Dan once said, everything must go!

Some of these drawing prompts are, admittedly, going to require heavy use of your imagination. Others are simple finger exercises.

Drawing Prompt

20 Drawing Prompts for the New Year, January 2014:

  1. A woman giving birth to a litter of full grown cats
  2. Meet the woman with the world’s longest fingernails!
  3. A completed 23-piece jigsaw puzzle
  4. Billy Crystal kisses Meg Ryan on New Year’s Eve and Tom Hanks is second in line
  5. A dog in mid-air about to snatch a frisbee
  6. Too many birds on a telephone wire
  7. At sunset in the open desert, Grandpa’s strummin’ guitar, Grandma’s workin’ a harmonica and a large rattlesnake’s a-cookin’ over a roaring campfire
  8. A blindfolded horse taking a turn at hitting a pinata with a stick
  9. A broken pot lays scattered in pieces on the floor
  10. Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2 buy veggies at a Farmer’s Market operated by Jawas
  11. At age 5, Benjamin Franklin invented the world’s first Algorithm-based Oxidificabulatory Exclusion Ball to entertain his bird, Robin.
  12. When Martians take over planet earth, the penny will be redesigned to have the profile of Clap-Clap-Ga’Cheq, the first Martian leader
  13. Frogs line up outside the Princess’s window, hoping to get a kiss, or more! 😉
  14. A businessman sitting on an airplane between two monkeys
  15. Kermit riding a bike – drawn at front, side and 45 degree angles
  16. Grandpa enjoying a freshly baked pretzel on a park bench
  17. A woman whose pants are literally on fire
  18. 2014 is the Year of the Horse, and a few of them are gettin’ jiggy on the dance floor!
  19. Cleaning lady trying to vacuum the inside of the space shuttle
  20. Two lovers on a “romantic” gondola ride, accompanied by a singing gondolier, several cases of wine, a 5 member Polka band, and a trained monkey blowing bubbles

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Remember to have fun with these drawing prompts – if you’re not enjoying doing it, something’s wrong!