20 Drawing Prompts – December 2013

Drawing prompts are meant to induce creative thinking and hopefully, if we’re really lucky –  action! I’ve seen lists of drawing prompts as long as my left leg and I always feel overwhelmed by them. I much prefer bite-sized prompts that keep my options limited and focused.

Putting pencil to paper is sometimes a really difficult first step to take, but remember, that’s only in your mind. There are lots of things in your mind, I assume, and your imagination is limitless, in theory.

Drawing Prompt Christmas

Here’s how these exercises work: There’s a prompt below that reads, “Golfing in the snow”. You have to trust your imagination to take you on a journey to some snow covered hole on the back nine. Resist the urge to search for references online. If you can think it, you can draw it. Whether or not you draw it well is up to you. Use these prompts as free-association exercises to improve your creative mind.

Set up the scene by asking questions. You can see the flag on the green, but is the hole visible or filled with snow? Did you lose your white ball among the falling snowflakes? When you putt your golf ball, does it pick up snow along the way and end up a giant snowball? Who are the golfers?

What if you’ve never drawn someone golfing before? That’s okay – you’ve SEEN golfing on TV or in print. You KNOW how it works, basically. If you can think it, you can draw it.

That’s it for your pep talk. Choose a few drawing prompts from the selection below and let your pencil get jiggy with it!

20 Drawing Prompts for December:

  1. A triangle with 6 faces
  2. Helium balloons adrift
  3. “No more wire hangers!!!!!”
  4. Little old lady walking her 10 dogs
  5. Elves cleaning Santa’s sleigh
  6. Golfing in the snow
  7. Winners and losers of a hot dog eating contest
  8. An apple pushing a banana on a swing
  9. A line of little brats waiting to sit on Santa’s lap at the mall
  10. The von Trapp family performing at the Mos Eisley Cantina
  11. Some kids building a very tall snowman.
  12. Busy little elves trying to build ipads with their rudimentary tools
  13. Santa Claus relaxing in his tub, which is modeled after his sleigh
  14. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs shopping for a Christmas Tree
  15. The three wise men and a couple of camels, following the wrong star and crossing the ocean in a very small boat
  16. Dr. Jekyll transforming into Mr. Hyde in a crowded elevator
  17. The Empire Strikes Back – Battle of Hoth – Snow Globe
  18. Mrs. Claus sitting in a tree reading a bedtime story to some owls
  19. A woman shopping for the perfect angel to top her Christmas tree.
  20. A row of 7 wrapped presents, each with a very unique shape

View my Drawing Prompt Archives and start drawing today!

Good luck and have fun.