20 Drawing Prompts – November 2013

If you’re anything like me, and oh Lord Jesus I hope you’re not!! – you probably sit around at your drawing table staring at a blank sheet of paper wondering what the hell to draw.

Drawing Prompt

Recently I found a new way of procrastinating by researching lists of drawing prompts online. There are hundreds of prompts and drawing exercises available online, lots of good ideas, but ultimately, I left my sheet of paper blank because, so it seems, it was more fun to just waste time by monkeying around on the web searching for unique prompts.

I then had the idea to create my own drawing prompts so I could help other people waste time, too! 😉

Therefore, listed below you will find 20 Drawing Prompts for November:

  1. Provocative Stained Glass Window accidentally installed at a Church
  2. Woman balancing 8 things on her head
  3. Frankenstein playing beach volleyball
  4. Five fish trying to escape their fishbowl
  5. Ducks taking a smoke break
  6. The instant a thief is hit with a stun gun or tranq dart
  7. Man and grizzly bear frolicking in the woods
  8. Gift basket of exotic indulgences
  9. Cat playing guitar at a coffee shop
  10. Batman and Wonder Woman costume mash-up
  11. A bird that only flies backwards
  12. A Caveman with an Ipod
  13. How Mickey Mouse would sign a check
  14. Barbershop quartet celebrating their 100th anniversary
  15. Man looking at “You are here” sign
  16. Fisherman struggling with a fat fish
  17. A nerd and his overstuffed pocket protector
  18. Cat stuck in a ball of yarn
  19. A woman struggles to paint still art (a bowl of fruit)
  20. A headhunter from the Apatani Tribe organizing his trophies

View my Drawing Prompt Archives and start drawing today!

Now pick up your pencil and let your imagination go hog wild! One of these prompts should get you moving in the right direction, whatever that direction should be.