Wooden Production Journal #24

Even though deadlines are approaching, I can’t be stopped from buying and playing video games. I WON’T be stopped!! 😉 Batman: Arkham City is incredible fun, and I just picked up the Uncharted Dual Pack with game 1 and 2. So far, I’m enjoying the adventure. And what of the “Wooden” animation? Oh yeah.. that. 😉

I’ll be honest, I’m excited for it to be done.

I do remember saying I wouldn’t do another CG project like this again (“Wooden” aims to be around 12 minutes long), but I’ve learned so many valuable things along this journey, it would be a shame to not produce another short animation like it. The story of Von Bloch certainly springs to mind. For that, I would need very stylized characters, nothing cookie-cutter. “Wooden” may be my stepping stone to completing “Von Bloch”. And the real bonus to animating Von Bloch is that I have all the video reference footage I need from shooting the live action short. Could be great fun!

Aside from that, I’ve started writing again. My friend Mark Mushakian introduced me to a great, simple screenplay software called Trelby. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s free, open-source and it lets the writer focus on writing.

That means I’ve been developing a 2D animation with some old character friends of mine. I’ve struggled with their style for a long time, especially recently.

Concept Art

And the story continues to evolve and I would do it as a cartoon series, maybe 6 episodes like my friend Nick Reiber did with “Mild Mannered“, or I would only do 3 episodes, like my friend Nick Reiber did with “Mild Mannered”. 😉

But look, making stuff is not easy. Entertaining the masses takes time and energy and it doesn’t pay very well in the beginning.

This sample is a flash animation on a loop. It took way too long to do just this. However, I am still learning a few tricks using flash that should ultimately speed up the process. Still, this is hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation and it simply takes time.

[kml_flashembed movie=”/animation/Indigo_test.swf” width=”550″ /]

(flash doesn’t seem to work on the home page. Click here to view the post.)

And finally, there’s my progress on Wooden.

Many of the scenes have complete blocking for both characters and camera. Lip sync and polishing will follow.



The breakdown of individual scenes is as follows –

  • INTERIOR – COTTAGE KITCHEN (Brahms Entrance) – 40% (+38%)
  • INT. – COTTAGE ENTRYWAY (Collinsworth Entrance) – 35%
  • INT. – COTTAGE DINING ROOM (Collinsworth, Brahms, Stockpot) – 40%
  • INT. – COTTAGE WORKSHOP (Three Goons) – 27% (+2%)
  • EXT. – WOODS (Witch Entrance)
  • INT. – COTTAGE HALLWAY (Witch) – 2%
  • INT. – COTTAGE WORKSHOP (Witch, Stockpot, Brahms, Puppet) – 5% (+4%)
  • INT. – COTTAGE HALLWAY (Witch, Brahms, Stockpot) – 2%

Completed Project Deadline: December 25, 2013

Progress Completed Thus Far (or PCTF): 43%