Can Label – WPJ #15

My Grandmothers were incredible women. They were probably polar opposites of each other, but I loved them the same. When thinking of creating a can label, I instinctively thought of my Grandma Alice.

(Mrs. Sees of See’s Candy is NOT my grandma) But she was partially my inspiration.)


The original goal was to model a simple can in Blender and then create a wrap-around label for it, but one that would be simple, without listing ingredients or crazy words and such. I made a can label for some canned veggies called “5 Beans”, and another for “Lemon Chicken” soup. They were TOO simple.

What I really wanted was a company logo that I could slap on all sorts of products, including dairy and meat, but the emphasis would remain on canned foods. I thought of the Sees Candy logo as an old favorite, and that I might use my Grandma Alice in that fashion.

Since no one in my family ever liked having me take their picture, not many truly amazing and easily obtainable shots exist of my Grandma. But I also believed an illustrative interpretation could be more fun.

Some simple sketches..

Deary Sketches

The full sketch..

Deary Sketch Full

I am becoming more of a fan of “paths”, the more I use Photoshop. Previously, I’ve generally avoided them based on lack of experience and knowledge. Isn’t that always the way it goes? I can’t imagine this illustration without paths.

Deary Paths

Blocking some shades..

Deary Shades

Deary Shades Paths

The final portrait surprises me. It’s something I’ve seen other people do, and been jealous that I can’t achieve that look. Little did I know, without even a single reference image, I could paint this. The frame could have been more or less ornamental, I just didn’t want to overdo it. Also, her hair could have been more detailed with greater line work. I worked on this for a week and though it may never be done in my mind, I had to release it and move on.

Deary Farms

Applying the portrait to a can label, by unwrapping the modeled can, was fairly simple.

Deary Can Shelf

Deary Can

This label is experimental. I could add a few more flourishes to the label itself, and probably will, but the portrait is complete. I did it in memory of my Grandma Alice, who was a joyous and wonderful woman, full of laughter and love. I also did it in memory of my Green Grandma, an introvert like myself, who preferred to remain cooped up at her desk working on various projects in quiet contentment.

RIP to you both.