Wooden Puppet WPJ #14

Celebrating my 100th post on Catheads.net without being banned from the internet! And this post is a doozy!

Everything starts with an idea or a dream. For me, when my mind’s eye is called into action, there is swift and decisive progress. I needed to create a wooden puppet for my animation project, “Wooden”. To the paper and pencil we go!

I’ve spent countless weeks trying to create a model in Blender, in general, just using my imagination. This usually backfires. I realize the importance of a blueprint, but often, stubbornly, refuse to create one.

Storyboards are also extremely important to me, and I will be sure to hatch those before I start animating.

The modeling of the puppet was fairly complex, in terms of creating a character that ISN’T Shrek related nor an exact copy of Pinocchio. The leaf in the nose-branch is painfully obvious, but I like it.

And finally, rigging a wooden character, was a unique experience for me, as I’m used to rigging for a solid mesh, and not individual parts rotating or bending like a ball and socket.

The mouth does have an armature bone in it for animating up and down movements, but I discovered a shape key works best.

For what this character is supposed to be, or mean, for the story, perhaps he looks better than he should, when standing alone. However, compared to other wooden puppets, carved with love from a true craftsman, he’s definitely out of place.

Anyway, this puppet was a major hurdle that needed hopping over and I’m happy it’s done. I continue designing the kitchen, and I also remodeled some of the characters. More on that later.

So on this 100th post, this happy day, go buy yourself something nice! Tell them Pappy sent ya! 😉