Captain Justice

Anywhere on this planet, at any moment, there is a crime! There!! Did you see it?! Did you hear the woman’s scream? See the giant ape squeeze her so tight the buttons on her blouse popped right off? Did you see those babies bouncing?? Oooh la la!! πŸ˜€

What we really need around here is some swift justice! This is a job for Captain Justice!!

Nick Reiber is back to work on his web series about Super Heroes (but actually about the normal lives of Joey and Eric), called “Mild Mannered”.

One of the heroes, played by Linden King, is Captain Justice – a superman type character who fights tyranny and injustice.


Captain Justice can fly. Linden King cannot. And that’s where the evil Danny Kneip comes in! πŸ˜‰

Nick sent me both a superman model and some costume references. My mission was to recreate the costume then pose the character, and potentially animate some movement.


Naturally, I went above the call of duty, like any super villain would do. I started with the models face. The CG character will be seen in mostly wide shots, so I didn’t need a ton of detail, but he should be recognizable.


On to the costume! This was tricky because parts of the actual costume have a shiny, reflective material on it. After some retopology, the costume began to take shape.




The model is going to need additional mapping. Like an Ambient Occlusion pass and more detail on the face. But so far, this has been an exciting experience and I am looking forward to some test animations.


I sent the test model to Nick and he dropped it into After Effects, where he could employ Video Copilot’s great new 3D Plug-in and play around with materials, lighting, etc.


Stay tuned for more exciting drama!