Wooden Floor – WPJ #13

Over the months, I’ve really come to appreciate the real life textures surrounding me. The marble table, the glass bottle, the chewy cookie with hot, soft chocolate chips. So how to recreate these in 3D space?

For my short animation (“Wooden”), I knew I would need realistic wood textures applied responsibly to floor boards, tables, stools, etc. I also have needed to keep in mind my own sense of style. But the basics first. (And just forget about the cookies I mentioned earlier. We’ll save those for another day.) 😉

I scoured the internet for wood textures, and naturally found some great ones at Cgtextures. I modeled some simple planks in Blender and applied the material/texture. It generated a nice result, but I wanted more. (I’m not complaining, this render is very usable.)


I stumbled across a box of wood laminate floorboards in my garage that were never laid down in the house and luckily I didn’t hurt myself. Once inside and spread out under favorable lighting, (the floorboards, not me) I snapped my camera and received some wonderful images that offered a range of wood patterns and colors. Here’s a sample of four of them:


The homemade textures were applied to stylized planks.


Individually, these planks are nice but when grouped together, I wasn’t loving the result. Plus, the render time was about 30 seconds or greater because each plank was mapped to its own wood texture image. Not the smartest way to do things.


So I ditched the stylized look and went for something cleaner and simpler that would also render in less than 10 seconds.

I compiled my wooden texture images in one giant image and mapped out a web of wood planks in blender. The UV unwrap was tedious, but the result was exactly what I was after and the render was fast.





I believe the floor in your home should complement the room and not be the focal point. The marriage of the wood-carver’s floor and workshop is going to be a lasting one.


The workshop is still a work in progress and the images here merely serve to prove I am hard at work and trying to take this project seriously. My deadline for this completed film is still December 25th, 2013.