Texturing Roof Shingles – WPJ #8

Never one to sit still long enough and conceive an image of great detail, yet always impressed by the amount of detail applied in art by others, I have begun to face my demons.

How he looks is how I feel.


Task 1 was to create the basic design of the cabin/cottage where the majority of my story takes place. Several attempts were made to box out a design that looked good on the outside, and was practical on the inside. I modeled some uniform wood panels to all sides of the exterior, then added a deck, then window shutters and rows of roof tiles.

Cottage with side panels

Cottage with side panels and front deck and shutters

Cottage with deck, shutters, roof panels

My first attempt at designing roof tiles was to take the standard rectangle and apply a custom texture painted in photoshop. Of course, this looked like hell and was not giving me the amount of flexibility I wanted in terms of applying greater detail and making the roof look weathered.


So I modeled individual strips of shake shingles with edges, grooves, and character. Using photoshop again, and a great tutorial from IceFlowStudios on how to make wood textures, (which is probably the best wood texture tutorial I’ve come across yet), I came up with this UV texture map. What follows is a great starting point for further detailing my shingles.



Alas, the design is coming together and there’s plenty of room for additional detail and character.