Rabbit Walk Cycles

I’ve definitely had a bit of fun over the past few holiday weekends. But always, regardless of everything else, I always try to keep things simple and silly. You know me too well.

This process of creating a “walk cycle” is basically animating two steps and then looping the action. If you took two steps only, right foot, then left foot, you would probably not get very far. You probably wouldn’t even get out of your room. But if you were on a loop, and if you were a puppet, you could travel as far as the eye could see!

Rabbit Strut

In a walk cycle, traditionally, the character walks in place, and the background and environment move around him. Fred Flintstone isn’t walking a mile through his house – he is just moving his legs and the house is scrolling behind him.

Rabbit Skip

Understanding the concept is important because one can quickly build a large library of two-step walk cycles, which are then looped as needed. The hard part is showing the personality of the character in each step.

Rabbit Creep

Originally, I wanted to learn and record “The Imperial March” fron Star Wars on my piano and play it as the theme music for this animation, but that was going to take too long. Video Copilot had a usable track on a DVD that fit the bill. Simple and silly.

Rabbit Skip

I was also going to have the rabbit juggle some tennis balls. Seemed like a good idea at the time. That was a very frustrating experience. I recorded myself juggling three golf balls and used it as my reference. But the reality is, I am no rabbit. And rabbit’s can’t juggle anyway.