Hairy Monster

I wanted to be able to cross something off my to-do list this weekend. And I didn’t get to. Because I was busy messing around with particle settings in Blender, and making fur. Oh baby, just you shut your mouth! 😉

Jonathan Williamson has a new tutorial up on Blender Cookie. It’s for exclusive members like me. So if you can’t watch it because you are not special enough, you can at least know that I watched it for you. And here’s what I’ve done with the knowledge:

Furry Ball

Yes, it’s a slightly older tutorial, but it teaches the basics of creating particle fur and hair in blender, which is what we want. You’ll find the tutorial here (keep in mind, it’s exclusive content) – Creating particle fur and hair.

The idea behind the tutorial is to apply realistic hair or fur to a sphere, and then properly light it for maximum fur-ific-ness! Once the principles are in place, the fur can be applied to characters. And I remembered I had built a little monster that I’d been keeping in the dungeon.

Furry Ball

Furry Ball

The topology on this character is pretty awful, but it wouldn’t stop fur from working nor me from trying.

Monster Base

Kinda like a chia-pet, the fur is applied in it’s simplest form and could look really good if I thought this style was appropriate for this monster. But I know this monster. He’s a messy guy.

Monster Fur

I really like the nappy quality of this fur, but I was looking for something a little more extreme. I was thinking of the Abominable Snowman. Or Oscar the Grouch. Or coleslaw. 😉

Monster Hair

Hairy Monster

Monster Hairy