Pool with a Rabbit

As I’ve been working on this Bedtime Story since 1994, you’d think I would be able to have it completed for an Easter 2011 deadline! You’re funny. You make me laugh some times. 😀

But in the classic spirit of Easter, this hand-drawn story, once completed and colored in the 90’s has now been resurrected and updated for the digital age.

I’ve maintained the original drawing style, but had to recolor the entire thing as the scanning process was a bit of a nightmare. Either way, I think it looks really good.

“Pool with a Rabbit” is a new classic Bedtime Story that you may read to yourself or to your loved ones just before you, or they, toddle off to bed. The premise is that a rabbit finds himself in a strange wager with an even stranger man. The stakes? Life or Death!! It’s a contest the rabbit can’t possibly win, is it??

Sweet dreams, honey. 😉