Dr. Merd’s Journal

“The Journal of Dr. Merd” is a short story originally written in November 2004 as a free-association piece for my collection, which I have now (for good or bad (but probably bad)) attempted to retell in an illustrated way for the purpose of sharing here.

The presentation is not the way I first wanted or hoped, but it’s all I got right now. Things go wrong some times, isn’t that right, Dr. Merd? Even under the best of intentions, nature has a way of interfering and capsizing all progress. No matter if you are a doctor or a sock puppet or what have you.

So grab the kids and your laptop, nestle around the fireplace with a hot cup of noodles and maybe a cookie and enjoy this evening’s bedtime story.

Remember to start at the first tile and “next” your way through the story until the exciting climax! And then go straight to bed, kids! It’s a school night!! >:(