cows, chickens and outer space


My fascination with outer space, alien life forms and how much time they spend laughing at us has only gained in strength over the years. I really wonder what E.T. thinks about our technological inventions like the toaster.

But I’m not going into detail about the topic.

Truth-be-told, I had a nice President’s Day weekend and stayed indoors modeling some farm animals and putting them in interesting positions. Overall, the experience got me thinking about aliens and the great beyond, and if a chicken actually dreams of greater things.

These cow and chicken models are pretty basic. Their texture was painted in photoshop. I’d like to do a series of cows with different patterns and colors. Maybe line them up and tip them over in an animation.

Or maybe send them far, far away.


Over the weekend, I started working on new designs for the cow, so I can eventually have an army of unique looking cows. This is the JesusChrist design, in honor of my friend by the same username. I also improved the rig with a few Stretch-To bones and some IK bones for the legs.

The spaceship needs quite a bit of work, as does the landscape. And the chicken needs a complete overhaul.