building a dragon with blender

Basically, I wanted to post my results, thus far, as I follow a dragon-making tutorial from

There’s no telling when this tutorial will end. So far, there are 6 parts, resulting in about 6 hours of video to learn from. But I have spent more than 6 hours modeling, obviously.


Dragon Face

I think David Ward is creating a really great tutorial lesson so far with lots of useful information and ideas.

My overall dragon is slightly different from the one he is creating, but that’s the fun of modeling. And this isn’t a competition, although I have no doubt the breath of my dragon would instantly slay his dragon!

Next up in the video tutorial, I assume we will learn to apply textures and colors to the beast and then stick a rig in this guy and put him on a cliff and give him a shove and watch him fly! I really am looking forward to creating that simple animation.

You can enjoy Part One of the tutorial here.

You can download the latest release of Blender for free here. It is version 2.53.

Update: 7/28/2012

I had made a simple dragon animation but I guess it was never posted on my site. Strange.

Also strange, this animation is only 2 seconds. :-\ Must make another one.