San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

Danny Kneip | June 14, 2010 | 3 Comments

In search of birds, and preferably the larger kind like herons and egrets, I visited the San Juaqin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine on Sunday, at about midday.

I am a complete novice at birdwatching and capturing the wildlife, but I do enjoy the process.

Yes, 2pm is a lousy time to go hunting for birds. Probably most of them were sleeping or hiding from the sun or at the beach because I didn’t see very many. I am not a morning person, but that’s the time to go and I’ve made a mental note of this.

Lucky for me, there was one butterfly there, which posed on a leaf, and a hungry rabbit, who was very friendly and curious.

I’m having allot of fun playing with my 55-250mm zoom lens and taking pics of birds is quickly becoming a favorite hobby, not just for the actual photographs, but for the adventure along the way.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary has miles and miles of great little trails, some circling around the numerous duck ponds and others leading out to the sanctuary’s major crossroads in Irvine. It’s easy to get lost out there, but that’s probably the point.

Being surrounded by the chirps and calls of birds, big and small, near and far, while treading through their environment was a great experience.

I hope to return soon enough and find more birds and more opportunities!

3 thoughts on “San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary

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  2. Danny Kneip

    Yes, I have a few more of the bunny! 🙂

    I was on a trail, turned a corner into the “butterfly garden” R:( and came upon a lattice and a bunny holding perfectly still in the upright position, mouth full with a plant he was not supposed to be eating.

    Naturally, I figured this was a stuffed rabbit belonging to the Duck Society, because it wasn’t moving. 😐

    It did not take long to figure out the rabbit was real. 😉

    He was friendly and as long as I didn’t make any outlandish movements or scold him for eating that plant, he resumed his activities while I stood about 7 feet away or so.

    I was further away from the birds, obviously, but the butterfly let me get my lens within 3-4 feet, I guess.

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