Christmas Spectacular FAQ

The following is a brief FAQ section I put together in case anyone wanted further details about my current work on the “Christmas Spectacular” animation. If you have any questions not listed here, feel free to add them to the comments section at the bottom and I’ll answer them there.

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What is the Christmas Spectacular?

The Christmas Spectacular is an egg I have been wanting to lay and hatch for about a decade now. It’s a story based on the goings-on up at the North Pole during Christmas and revolves around Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, the elves, some snowmen and Larry and others.

Back in the day, I tried to tell a similar story using frame by frame animation in Flash. That was lots of work and eventually, the whole thing fell apart. I was pretty upset that I couldn’t deliver my vision to the world and then I found Blender 3D software and slowly but surely, the stars began to align.

Where can I go to read Frequenty Asked Questions about the Christmas Spectacular?


Which outside resources are you using to help you with your modeling and animation?

I admit I have relatively little idea what I’m doing, in terms of CG animation. This is not what I was professionally trained to do. And while I publicly say I am doing this on my own, the truth is, I probably couldn’t do much of it without the modeling and CG tutorials from guys like Andrew Price at BlenderGuru, or Jon Williamson and Dave Ward of BlenderCookie.

Of course, I couldn’t do any of this without the actual CG software, which is still free to download and use. Find the latest beta version of Blender here.

Will this be a holiday classic?

Yes. Duh.

Why do you feel you are qualified to make this?

I actually don’t feel that I am. But someone has to tell this story.

Isn’t this just another holiday story based on Ebinezer Scrooge and you are a fake?

No. The Christmas Spectacular is an original idea based on some of your favorite Christmas friends like Santa and the elves. This story has nothing to do with Scrooge or Tiny Tim or Baby Jesus. It is my vision of one particular event that occurs during Christmas and it really happened!!

Who will be doing the voices?

Originally, for the hand drawn cartoon, I was going to do all the voices, including that of a high-pitched elf, a drunken Santa, an Irish female character and a reindeer that would sound a lot like Eddie Murphy. This is not ideal.

So I am recruiting friends and others to help me with the voices and make this a bit of a group project.

When will the Spectacular be complete and ready to enjoy?

No one knows.

Originally, I thought I could complete this project by Christmas 2010. Upon closer examination at how insane I would have to be to accomplish my goal, I can announce that I will finish it when it’s done and we’ll go from there.

Where can I read updates about the Christmas Spectacular and see images?

I am trying not to flood my site with Santa and candy canes and snickerdoodles. So here are some previous pages showcasing some images and providing updated information.

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