The Road to Gotham

This dark, seedy place, rife with corruption, greed and prostitution, hosts some of the greatest and darkest thoughts ever perpetrated against man. And I’m just talking about my home office! 😉

Gotham City has romanced many a curious, thrill-seeking sole; it’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to die there. The batman has evolved greatly over the years and there’s no reason I shouldn’t throw my two cents into the bat-hat.

City Batman

Blender 3d software is an open-source and absolutely incredible program – even when used at the novice level. OK, I tend to dream big and fall hard, but which provides the greater rush? Answer: unknown.

In designing my gotham city, and my 3d animation, I’ve only referenced my imagination, some basic cityscapes and memories of the campy batman television show. Blue buildings under blue moonlight with lit windows to bring the city to life.



Ultimately, if the batman and joker are to battle on rooftops of Gotham City, the battle-route must be planned and anything in camera shot must be modeled or simply lost in shadow (this saves on render time, but is a cheap thing to do, which is why it’s the best idea!)

City Batman

Alas, I am not THAT cheap. And if anyone knows me, they understand I have ZERO planned out, no idea what I’m doing and having a blast doing it! It only makes sense to illuminate the city as much as possible – I cannot use moonlight as my only crutch.

Moonlight only –

City Moonlit

Moonlight and other light sources – which are so much fun and challenging to place! The little red light (who knows what it is), the spotlight on the pointy tower and the light shining down on the well thing are some examples of additional light placed creatively around the city. More to come.

City Batman

Finally, the city is just one character in this piece. The batman, in an early modeled pose has posed several issues – mostly with the cape. In blender, attaching (joining) two meshes is simple. However, attaching two meshes, one of them being a free flowing cape, which blows in the wind and responds to gravity as a cape would, is not so simple. Three days later, I realized that attaching this thing was the wrong choice.

Batman Jump

A flaccid cape hanging on his back is nice. But what if he wants to glide? Ahh.. now I need a bat-gliding-cape (not yet modeled) and would need to de-attach a flaccid cape so a glider could be placed in it’s stead. Silly to attach these things – simply pin an armature-bone to it, weight paint as needed and move it around the scene that way. It is a viable work-around.

Batman Joker