Blender teddy bear tutorial

I am a novice at creating 3d art. I love the format and the ability to have the software for free. I REALLY love the “free” part. 😉 But where to begin? What to model? Sometimes, some guidance is essential.

So I’m always looking for a great, inspiring blender tutorial because, to be honest, it is easier to play video games or pour tequila than it is to sit down and try to learn or do something meaningful. Killing jawas (Star Wars Battlefront) does little to advance my portfolio and looks pretty stupid on a resume.

When I came across Jonathan Williamson’s two-part “teddy bear” video tutorial, I was instantly inspired. In about an hour and a half, I could create what a professional created! His teaching style is strong, voice is friendly, and it’s all about business. I like that Jon isn’t trying to make jokes or talk about his day in the tutorial. The instructions are easy to follow, the lesson is very informative and the payoff is huge once you start rendering!

When I saw my bear start to take shape from an initial cube, I was actually frightened by how easy this is to do.

So if you have Blender 3d software and a couple hours, great! Model and texture your own CG teddy bear. Why not? What else are you going to do?

Please keep in mind: this tutorial is not for beginners (some basic understanding of the software is necessary).  Also, since it’s an older tutorial, it is no longer streaming on CGCookie, but you can download the content and enjoy it separately.

Link to tutorial: Creating a Burlap Teddy Bear

Get blender: GET BLENDER

you can view my 3d blender animation here: bobi lives!