Easter Bunny

Happy Easter

Last year, I drew this on the front of a holiday greetings card for my friend, Miss Jones, while in quite an irreverent mood. I did not receive a card in return. 😉

happy easter

Now, of course, I love rabbits (cartoon rabbits only – and once in awhile, folded-napkin rabbits are pretty cool, too). But I am not crazy about this holiday.

Children will love Easter because there is a surprise awaiting them in their backyard (the Easter Bunny is so smart to hide toys, candies and socks in the BACKYARD because neighbors and hooligans might steal them if they were left in the front yard!).

I’m not sure children get the whole “have your picture taken with the giant Easter Bunny” thing, though. Santa is a much more plausible character for that because children can relate on a “human-to-human” level. Cinderella and Alladin at Disneyland are also good characters to have your picture taken with.

So if you are not a child, nor a parent, and certainly not religious, at least you have alcohol and/or golf on tv to get you through the day.