Drawing Prompts

20 Drawing Prompts – April 2014

drawing ideas to stir your creative juices
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Honestly, these 20 drawing prompts were harder to write than the last 3 sets. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe the stress of taxes and Obamacare have weighed me down some? The good news is, I have health insurance now and I’m 40% sure I did my taxes right!

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Some Winnie the Pooh and Piglet designs

Sketchbook March 2014

Some random pages from my sketchbook
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I have 6 sketchbooks with lots of blank pages. Recently, I committed to filling up some pages in various styles of drawing and sharing my results. These are simple and silly hand exercises that amuse me.

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Rick Sketch

Rick Basketball Animatic

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An animatic is a series of storyboards set in motion to an audio track of music or dialogue. Often, the director will employ the use of an animatic for the purposes of checking the timing, action, and camera angle of their project.

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Coats and Bugaj – 22 Rules of Story

from Emma Coats and Stephan Bugaj
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A free book exists on the internet, written by Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, regarding the 22 Rules of Story, as originally tweeted by Emma Coats. Who are these people, you ask? They’re the people getting the job done and you should be interested if you want to get the job done yourself!

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Drawing Prompt

20 Drawing Prompts – January 2014

The Year of the Pencil and Paper!
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For the third straight month, I’m opening my brain and letting you, yes, YOU!, John Q Public, come on in and steal some of my best, well.. some of my ideas. ;) It’s a fire sale and as Steely Dan once said, everything must go!

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Bluebird in Blender
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“The knife slid warmly with the fine, light grain. Mr. Stockpot held the block of summer linden firmly in his gloved left hand and drew the blade across the groove once again, peeling away a thin layer that circled over itself before breaking free and softly dropping to the floor where hundreds of similar clippings greeted it.”

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christmas themed contest 2013
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The bad news is: I didn’t win the contest and will, therefore, regrettably, not be able to give $250 to my fake charity, “Beaks Across America” (an imaginary cause that aims to install solar panels on birds wings so they can conserve energy). But the good news is….

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