Diss the Frog – Production

for the May 2015 11SecondClub Challenge

2d OR NOT 2d

I had committed to this frog and princess concept early on, but wasn’t sure if I’d animate in 3d or 2d. I didn’t have a rigged 3d frog model, nor had I ever hand-drawn one. So really, the odds were stacked against me and I spent, as is my habit, the first 7 days of the month in pre-production, plus an extra 6 days of procrastination (also habit) just trying to figure it all out.

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Freestyle in Blender

an afterthought

My concept for the May 2015 11Second Club is going to be my most challenging yet. The audio clip is a fairly restrained dialogue between man and woman – him saying he’s right, her dutifully casting doubt. I like the audio quite a bit and within 24 hours of hearing it, had a decent concept in mind.

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The Observations of Sherlock Holmes

Highs and lows come and go, but for creative people who doubt their ability, stewing in a creative low can quickly become a prison. Since November, I’ve basically stopped all work and been on holiday in my mind. Honestly, I can sit in a quiet room and not one interesting thought will show itself. It’s just blank. That can’t be good.

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